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We do our best to ensure our Dog Show & Events’ Guide information is accurate, however changes may occur so please check with the event organisers for the latest information.

If you have an event that you would like to have listed (free of charge) please E-mail us at Please include the post code of the venue and either an email or telephone number for enquires.

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Meet at the Beach Cafe, Wells-next-Sea, NR23 1DR.  10.30am for 11am set off.

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17 thoughts on “Dog Shows & Events”

  1. Mrs Elizabeth Devery says:

    Please could you advertise World Horse Welfare Companion Dog Show on Sunday 16th April 11am – 5pm, Snetterton. Pedigree Classes as well as fun classes. Further details to follow

  2. Ronnie Chamberlain says:

    Hi , could the organizers of above events ,provide details of classes as a matter of course. EG two of them are just listed as “companion dog shows ” ,others as fun dog shows. As in most cases people will be travelling distances to attend , without the benefit of knowing what classes are relevant and as a result this could lead to non attendance. Also if an organizer offers details via email , could they ensure emails are replied to. Earlier in the year I emailed an event , never got a reply to 3 emails I sent , so we went else where. If you want people to attend THEY NEED DETAILS !!

    1. Amanda Knight says:

      Hi Ronnie, We can only put up the information we are given. That is why we insist organisers contact details are included, so that those interested in attending can contact them directly. Woofs Frodo o

  3. Stephanie. says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to those shows who put on additional activities to do with your dog such as obedience tests or agility-really appreciate this as we enjoy having something else to do as well as the showing side of things.

  4. Freya hayton says:

    Is a companion show a competition? Recently I attended xxxxx show where I entered my working Lurcher and Saluki bitches in ‘Best condition’ class only to be over looked by some dogs that by many peoples opinions, didnt come close to my girls. When I complained , the clickie group of friends and neighbours who had organised the day swore at me and told me it was “just for fun”. I guess it was for them, obviously not so much for us. So my question is, how are these classes judged? Are they relevant, ie, should the dogs actually in best condition win the best condition class. Is it common practice for a 6 year old boy to be a judge? Are these shows all rigged in favour of friends and family of the judges?

    1. Frodo says:

      ‘Best Condition’ would be a novelty class at either a fun dog show or companion dog show. Novelty classes are just for fun and having a nice time with your dog, and yes anyone can judge them. They are usually run by volunteers, take a lot of work to organise and funds are for not really meant to be competitive. If your looking for competition shows look at the pedigree classes at Companion Dog Shows. CDS run under KC rules. Classes would be things like AV sporting or AV non Sport. There are also ‘open’ shows and ‘breed specific’ shows, the kennel club website would have details.

      1. Stephanie. says:

        I also went to this show and whilst I am a supporter of the charity as my rescue Romanian bitch comes from there I thought it very unfair that for the fun agility competition the winner was a professional agility person who works for xxxx. The vet who was doing the talking on the microphone there commented that it was as it should be that the professional person had won but I have spoken to other people who show and compete and they all thought this was really unfair!

    2. Claire Cramphorn says:

      We went to the xxxxxxx fun dog show on the 4th September and two of our dogs were placed in the classes we entered them in. We are NOT friends, family or neighbours or the judges. We enjoyed the show as it was so relaxed.

  5. Rosemarie Hill says:

    Do you know of anymore upcoming shows in Oct: and Nov: locally.?

    1. Frodo says:

      HI, This page is updated every Thursday so do check back. Woofs Frodo xx

  6. Barry says:

    We take our rescue dogs to as many fun dog shows as we can in the area ( most from this site ), some are run as if it’s Cruft’s and some including shows by this rescue centre are really relaxed and fun. We think that it is better to have our dogs judged by “ordinary” people because they are interested in the dogs, we have been to shows where because our dogs are all xbreed the judge has walked past and not wanted their stories in rescue. That said it wouldn’t stop us going to any dog show because the main aim is to give money to charity and a rosette is a bonus. If people want serious judging then they should go to serious shows, the word “FUN” in a dog show is the important part

  7. Carole says:

    Companion Dog Show/Fun Dog Shows are organised to raise money for charity. Dogs do not need to be KC registered to enter, therefore any rosettes won do not count towards any kind of qualification. Why cannot people enjoy the day with their dogs for what it is and if a rosette is won it’s a bonus. We all think our dogs are the best.
    Instead of complaining why not try organising a show or offer to help volunteers are always welcome.

    1. Claire Turner says:

      We had a fabulous summer entering both Companion Shows and Fun Dogs Shows, we were placed in both (mostly)Pedigree classes and some novelty classes, we made friends, sometimes they won and sometimes we did…all for charity, fantastic and I always took the best dog home, as did they! Just one thing to comment on, some classes are ridiculously large,(50+dogs) perhaps separate large /small, to make it a bit more manageable for the judges, so that they do actually look at the dogs?

  8. Mary says:

    Just a comment about a show advertised on here which was mislead as described as a Companion show but when we got there had no pedigree classes which organisers have to schedule if a KC Companion show. Found out it wasn’t a KC Companion show so think should be described as a fun dog show instead and not use the term Companion show when most people would understand that to mean KC Companion show.

    1. Frodo says:

      Hi Mary, This is something to take up with the show organisers as we can only post the information we are given. Woofs Frodo

  9. Mrs c says:

    Hi there,last year we got our family a puppy a champion bloodline pup in order for our children to take her to a few dog shows and have fun.weve noticed over the season that a lot of the same people go to these shows and the same people always win,they take it very seriously.that does not make them fun dog shows.A few have been great but the majority are the same.this may sound like sour grapes I assure you it’s not,today for instance the same professional family won most of the classes and we overheard them saying they’ve had their dogs in crufts! Surely they should be going to more serious shows not “fun dog shows”. Bit dissapointing,especially when the judges don’t know they are looking at a champion bred dog.bred for showing to the set kc standard.also a dog was put in the pedigree class and won a Rossette and then put in the cross red class and won a rosette!!!??? Frustrating.give new dogs a chance and kids too it is fun after all!!

  10. Freya Hayton says:

    To prove my point following my comment earlier this summer, I continued to show my girls and my lurcher made champion, following her win in ‘Best Condition’ in not one, but two shows! Obviously some judges are better equipped to judge correctly and I do agree with alot of the comments, ie, “it’s just for fun” etc. Perhaps when people go to a village fete and take part in a little “fun” dog show, then they’re not concerned whether their dog is judged correctly. I, personally, work extremely hard to keep my girls in top condition and feel that deserves appropriate recognition, otherwise, why bother.

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